May 23, 2024

NYC is where I dream to be…

A lot of people know of New York City (NYC) and many people have visited the City that Never Sleeps.

My Wife and I visited NYC in October 2009 for our second honeymoon and I’ve dreamed on revisiting since then. Now with 3 kids in tow, visiting is now more expensive but still very much on my list to do.

New York City represents many of my desires such as living by water (i.e. by the Hudson), having convenience on your doorstep, lots of interesting attractions to visit, beautiful and interesting architecture… and a feeling of almost anything is possible.

Back in 2009 we visited the Empire State Building, the lower half of Central Park, Grand Central, the Flat Iron Building, Wall Street, China Town, Little Italy, Trump Tower and many more.

On our todo list we have the Rockerfeller Centre, visiting Roosevelt Island, Central Park (including the zoo), taking the Staten Island Ferry, visiting the Statue of Liberty, the One World Observatory, Brooklyn Bridge and so many other interesting locations.

In the future, I’d like to live (at least temporarily) in Manhattan, to experience life there. Who knows when that may happen, but it’s on my list!

Have you visited NYC? What do you like about the city?